Update 4.16

Host: Auroris
Editor: Kle
Panellist: Temko

A Riot about your security: Statement
Play at home with PlayStation: Announcement
When collector editions go bad: Article

New old game is quite popular: Article
Denuvo leaves Ivalice: Article
A realm reborn, reborn: Article

PC Cheater Race: Article
Terraria reaches Journey’s End: Blog Post
Animal Crossing has a Burt and Ernie situation: Article

Lock up your Nintendo Accounts: Article
Your delivery of Norman Reedus has been delayed: Article
A lot of farming for a chair: Article

Long Reads

More games sales but not as you’d expect: Article
It’s bad when your main streamer looses interest in your game: Article
The impact of Covid-19 on the gaming industry: Article

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