Update 4.19

Host: Auroris
Editor: Kle
Panellist: Temko

Improve a game, get paid?: Article
This is not a new Silent Hill: Article
When short hand goes wrong: Article

Satisfactory is finally coming to early access: Article
The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor: Trailer
How many keys is too many?: Article

David Cage comes to Steam: Article
Epic announces Emo Homes: Article
Destroy all Humans, or at least the first wave of them: Article

No Mans Sky on Games Pass: Article
More Lord of the Rings for no money: Announcement
Remembering Totalbiscuit: Article

Long Reads

The man who made the NES: Article
Why Overwatch and CSGO pros are moving to Valorant: Article
Devs see promise in Unreal Engine 5: Article

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