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Host: Auroris
Editor: Kle
Panellist: Temko

Reckful’s suicide shocks the gaming community

Forbes reports on Reckful’s death: Article
E! reports with a look at the social media and his proposal: Article
Asmongold pledges $15,000 to suicide prevention: Article
Memorials held in World of Warcraft for Reckful: Article

If you or someone you know needs support around suicide or related issues check out the following links for support services in your area:
UK: NHS Support List
Outside the UK: International Suicide Prevention Wiki

Big Companies, Big Little Changes

Some UK old people feel strongly about loot boxes: Article
Out of the Crucible back into the digital cooking fire: Article
RIP Discord for gamers: Article

Fallout 76 is on a roll… It’ll make sense by the end of the segment

FO76’s first season pass hit space flying: Article
But not without its bugs: Article
Coming soon to Xbox Games Pass: Article
And Amazon Prime?: Article

Delays, micro-transactions and destruction oh my

Epic delays Conan Exiles at the last moment: Article
No micro-transactions in Crash Bandicoot: Article
Corvo says Happy 4th of July Human: Trailer

And now the news where you are…

A Plague Tale: Innocence, sells like the… Sells very well: Article
Fortnite leaves Early Access… Wait, what?: Article
EVE players go to war for a player’s final birthday: Article/Video

Long Reads

Emma Kent on why the entire culture of the games industry must change to stop more harassment and sexism: Article
What you can do to help fight against Crunch: Article
Some familiar names create new games studio: Interview

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