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Host: Auroris
Editor: Kle
Panellist: Temko

Toxic gamers are part of the problem

Naughty Dog condemns harassment of staff and actors: Article
Laura Bailey’s experiences (Contains hateful tweets): Laura’s Tweet
The body-shaming of Abby in The Last of Us 2: Article
More Ubisoft execs “step down” following investigations: Article
New online hotline offers support for game developers: Article

How VPNs impact McCree’s Metacritic score

VPN’s impact pre-order prices of Horizon Zero Dawn: Article
A change of spray for McCree: Article
User score submissions for Metacritic now have a wait time: Article

Microsoft have been busy recently

Fable is still alive?: Article
X Cloud to join Xbox Game Pass: Article
You shall not charge for upgrades: Article
Who needs an Xbox One/One S?: Article
No more ads for Facebook: Article

Game things are happening

No Man’s Sky now has derelict spaceships: Article
Persona 4 really is golden: Article
Do you remember Skull and Bones? Apparently it’s being reworked: Article

And now for the stupider stuff

Super Mario just got expensive: Article
Cute dragon, not so cute price: Article
So many cancelled games over at Steam HQ: Article
A guy built a PC, people were excited: Article

Long Reads

Some Bungie staff weren’t too happy with Activision: Article
Final Fantasy VII remake creators on, remaking Final Fantasy VII: Article
What’s Mixer again? Phil Spencer doesn’t mind: Article
Steam has become too much hassle: Article
Indie game dev salaries, some stats: Blog Post
Covid-19 breeds millions of new PC gamers: Article

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