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Host: Auroris
Editor: Kle
Panellist: Temko

Fall Guys is popular, really popular

So about those beta keys: Article
People really dislike Team Yellow: Article
How to raise money for charity 101: Article
It could be you, it probably isn’t though: Article

Microsoft, EA and Steam walk into a bar…

Refunds don’t start with the download: Article
Flight Simulator pushes PCs: Article
Thou shall not promote: Articles
A new EA Play?: Article related Article

Rocksteady is far from steady

It started so well: Article
Sexual Harassment raises its head: Article
The source speaks out: Video
Rocksteady responds: Article

A museum, Control, Steam (again) and Facebook

UK Video game Museum Reopens: Article and website
Control is not changing its next-gen mind: Article
Steam Game Festival: Article
Facebook loves Oculus: Article

A steak dinner, delays and ebay?

You probably don’t want to eat this steak: Article
Stanley is delayed again: Article
iPhones, Ebay and a quick buck: Article

Long Reads

What the next gen means for PCs: Article
When should you give up?: Article

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