Update 5.10

Host: Auroris
Editor: Kle
Panellist: Temko

What developers got up

A few fewer cheaters in Destiny PvP: Article
A new service for Ubisoft games: Article
No more meat for Steve: Article
Twitch Deletes (Like Twitch Sings, but eviller): Article

Game Updates

Vermintide turns 5: Article
Fallout 76 celebrates new content and shinies: Article
Darkest Dungeon 2: Article
More un-skippable ads for NBA: Article
Cyberpunk has an odd choice of cameos: Article


RIP PT (again): Article
PS5 updates your fan: Article
Xcloud Gaming now on iPhone: Article
Free demos now on Stadia: Article

Crazy stuff

Doom sheep: Article
Cats vs Mario Kart Live: Article
Someone does play AC: Origins: Article
Gamestop goes F2P: Article

Long Reads

Shinji Mikami on making Resident Evil: Article
Baulders Gate 2 testing AI: Article
Hades, the rogue like for people who hate the genre: Article
Some Hades concept art: Article
Unique approaches to art in games: Articles

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