Update 5.11

Host: Auroris
Editor: Kle
Panellist: Temko

Cyberpunk can’t keep out of trouble

Cyberpunk delayed (again): Article
CD Projekt Red apologize to everyone (again): Article
Delays, all the delays: Ubisoft and Path of Exile

Courts, Java and Blizzard

Sack 800, Hire 2000: Article
WoW expansion release date: Article
That’s going to cost EA: Article
One account to rule the entire Minecraft: Article

What’s our next-gen up to?

Why the PS4 still has a place: Article
Faster load times: Article
PS5’s accessibility features: Article
Xbox shortage: Article

Temko’s rant section, with added tech

He only just works for us, say Google: Article
The Nvidia slayer?: Article
Don’t play Among Us online: Article
Black Mesa, but now it’s pretty: Announcement

Silly things

Aerith cosplays as Aerith: Article
Clive… FFXVI’s lead is called Clive?: Website
Deej made an impact on a D2 player: Article
WatchBugs: Article

Long Reads

What Hades means for future roguelikes: Article
Vision vs Money: Article

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