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Host: Auroris
Editor: Kle
Panellist: Temko

Watch Dogs: The Masquerade

Not all journalists belong in video games: Article
Watch.Dogs.Legion out in the open: Article
Marcus Missing: Article
Hacking game has corrupted saves: Article
Another Battle Royale: Article

Random Things

The Re-Mass-tered Effect: Article
EA Play and the future of subscription services: Article
Steam Playtest improves beta process: Article
PS5 online only: Article
Annapurna Interactive starts inhouse development: Article

Hacks, Riots, & Bans

Capcom breach: Article
Riot out of its League: Article
WoW multi-boxing to be banned: Article
Top prize? More work: Article
PS5 Warframe already on PC: Article

Also, this

CyberShoe 2077: Article
Extreme punishments: Article
Memories of Cayde: Article

Long Reads

Should Sony buy more studios? Article
Skyrim – Todd Howard edition: Article
Overwatch still fails Black women: Article

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