Update 5.13

Host: Auroris
Editor: Kle
Panellist: Temko

A developer apologizes and the police

Birdsong? DMCA: Article
Developer admits mistake: Article
Wait, Ubisoft apologizes?: Article
Hoax call shuts down Ubisoft Montreal: Article

We done messed up

Forgot your mobile number? Genshin Impact has it sorted: Article
Is this me? Seraphine This streamer thinks so: Article
D2 disables guns for being too good to start with: Article
It’s not a lawsuit, it’s just the courts checking to see if we have ethics: Article

Non-bad stuff that happened this week

Director’s commentary on Alyx: Article
Playstation joins Steam (its controller does anyway): Article
Take 2 wants Codemasters: Article
Sam and Max return for Xmas: Article

The upbeat section

Rock becomes Santa with Microsoft’s help: Article
Untitled Fall Guy: Article
Madeline is Trans: Article
Gamers try to beat the coronavirus: Plague Inc, EVE
UK’s government wants free games for young people (T&Cs apply): Article

Long Reads

How to become a CM: Article
Legion’s queer representation is not the best: Article
Why no James Bond games?: Article

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