Update 5.14

Host: Auroris
Editor: Kle
Panellist: Temko

Last course of Cuphead delayed: Article
Destiny 2 takes over Steam: Article
Don’t ban teammates: Article
Red Dead Online stands alone: Article

Don’t sell your free PS4/PS5 games: Article
Sony will update the PS5’s skill set: Article
Who stole all the PS5’s: Article

More Star Citizen devs, same slow development: Article
Square Enix realizes Avengers didn’t do well…: Article
AMD loves Nvidea: Article
Twitch tests multiplayer ads: Article

PS5 causes marriage proposals…: Article
How much for Mario Bros 3?: Article
WoW designer quits after 13 years: Article
Gaming is good for you, science proves it: Article

Long Reads

How Ablegamers helped develop the Xbox adaptive controller: Article
We can do better open world games: Article
The changes impacting the games industry: Article
So how do the studios get paid for Games Pass?: Article
How having tourettes helped inspire a dev: Article

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