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So long and thanks for all the fish

Lab Zero lays off remaining employees: Article
Twitch doesn’t want to sing any more: Article
Vlambeer creators go their separate ways: Article
Media-molecule co-founder explore life without games: Article

In other news

Cheat maker is “sorry” for helping cheaters: Article
Ubisoft realizes that symbols are important: Article
Supporting streamers was “a glitch” say Twitch (kind of): Article

A graphics card walks into a bar…

RTX is cheap?: Article
3090 Trinity is not the name of a cult: Article
Nvidia’s actual take on their new cards: Article

Some more news

Avengers, when a single battle pass is not enough: Article
EA Play is not as playful as Steam users thought: Forum Post
Witcher 3 becomes the new Skyrim: Article

And now for something completely different

Rockstar go all out on the cheaters: Article
There’s always room for politics: Article
A million dollars for a Fall Guy: Article

Long Reads

Why betas aren’t always a good thing: Article
How Apple Arcade grabbed the follow-ups to NMS and Oxenfree: Article

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