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Editor: Kle
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Fortnite’s Cheat Machine walks into a bar…

You can only pay in multiplay: Article
Twitch rehires Ninja: Article
EA tries out in-game ads…: Article
Fall Guys Steal Fortnite’s Cheat Machine: Article

In Other News

So Ubisoft did a thing: Article
And Forgot to Do Another: Tweet
Valhalla is now (or at least a week earlier): Article
The Prince of Persia returns: Article, Trailer

Microsoft Force Sony’s Hand

Xbox Series X and S Release Information: Article
Xbox Academy: Article
Xbox Games Pass News: Article, Article

Some More News

Remedy Accidentally Upgrades Games: Article
PUBG leaves Tencent (In India): Article
Steam Hardware Survey: Article

And Now For Something Completely Different

Slay the Beast and Another Head Pops up: Article
One Hell of a Way to Find Out You’re Pregnant: Article
Can It Run Crysis?: Article

Long Reads

How to Fix the Games Industry: Article
The Most Important Avengers Hero: Article
Reignite a Franchise or Burn It Down?: Article

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