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Problems at Ubisoft, EA loves loot boxes and cheaters

CS:GO Coaches have been banned from ESports – Article
EA sneaks some loot box ads in – Article
Ubisoft still has some issues – Article
Epic were not “honest” – Article

Expensive controversy, Pirate School and double fame

Is there something wrong with the 3080/90 – Article
Pirate School makes Sea of Thieves more fun – Article
Fall Guys goes medieval – Article

Streaming, awards and a delayed Yakuza

Streaming your Xbox to your iPhone – Article
Yakuza running a little late for the PS5 – Article
Votes that are less distressing than Real Life – Article

Crunch, Tencent and No Man’s Sky

Cyberpunk devs go back on their promises – Article
Tencent go shopping – Article
NMS seems to be loosing creatures – Article

Chasms, tattoos and free Surgeon Simulator

The airport at the bottom of a chasm – Article
There’s a problem with Randy – Article
Surgeon Simulator free for NHS staff – Article

Long Reads

The twelve studios and what happened after they were brought – Article
Ori and the impossible port – Article
How Hades deals with failure – Article
How Hades gets its gods right – Article

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