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Editor: Kle
Panellist: Temko

Not an ideal start

Steam has a new chat filter: Article
Microsoft will get a bite of the Apple: Article
Crunch by choice in 2077?: Article, follow-up tweet
Twitch employees discuss long history of sexism/racism: Article

Refunds, Resident Evil and Kingdom Come Deliverance

The Crucible finally cracked: Article
More Resident Evil than you ever needed: Manga, Movie Reboot and Netflix
Kingdom Come Deliverance coming to a screen: Article

It’s all coming up Sony

That moment when your game arrives before the console: Article
Trophies get an overhaul: Article
Breaking down a PS5: Video
PS5’s Miles Morales is gold… Already: Article

Not Shattered Memories, Thomas isn’t alone and FFXVI

Thomas is no longer alone on Switch: Article
This isn’t a Shattered Memories game: Article
Final Fantasy 16 is finished… Kinda: Article

Patents, Thicc Bonkus, some puppies and pirate cover of Jump

The PS5 is already trademarked in India?: Article
Fall Guys reveal the next insane obstacle: Article
Puppies and Kittens = cute games: Article
Sea of Thieves devs make Van Halen tribute: Article

Long Reads

Hollow Knight, game of the generation: Article
How early access made Hades better: Article
Nintendo’s handheld legacy: Article

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