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Crunch, Facebook, slurs and Avengers

Facebook and VR: Article, Related
Sega says sorry, and it’s not for Sonic Heroes: Article
A welcome delay for Avengers: Article
Crunch is real: Article

Chopping up CoD in Early Access

Phasmophobia is really popular: Article
CoD players can reduce the game’s size: Article
What the Xbox Series X is really like: Article

Playstation UI, Plus and Gamestop

It’s not a UI it’s a UX: Article
Plus gets better, for some: Article
Gamestop gets help from Microsoft: Article

Riot, Joe Biden and Starcraft 2

It’s not a carbon copy champion: Article
Political Crossing: Article
Starcarft 2 is still doing a thing: Patch Notes

An evil chocobo, a suspicious block and Twitch playing GTA 5

Red Comet destroys gamers: Article
It’s not what you think, this is Nintendo after all: Article
GTA 5 vs Twitch streamer: Article

Long Reads

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla interview: Article
Destiny 2 is a good example of live service?: Article
Cyberpunk’s Crunch: Article
And why we should stop defending it: Article

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