Update 6.02

Host: Auroris
Editor: Kle
Panellist: Temko

Racist? No black PS5’s for you: Cancellation/Response
Rotating Pogchamp is not as great as it seems: Article
Crackdown on cheats: Bungie and Riot/Vanguard
That was one hell of a reveal: Article

It’s not going well for CDPR: Video apology/More troubles/Polish regulator
Is there Tetris in heaven?: Article
Who owns Codemasters now?: Article
Wait, CES 21 happened?: Article

Howarts Legacy delay: Article
Indiana Jones is back, with Bethesda: Article
ESO moves announcement because of politics: Article
Resident Evil Village, coming soon: Tweet
EA has to share Star Wars with Ubisoft: Article

Pokémon on a Twitter avatar?: Article
Onlycans: Article
Razer’s RGB facemask: Article
Patch notes can be fun: Article

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