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Host: Auroris
Editor: Kle
Panellist: Temko

Sony Did A Thing

We finally learn Sony’s PS5 details: Article
The games are announced: Article
Demon’s Souls coming soon (but where?): Article
Huh, is that Final Fantasy XVI: Article

God Updates Graphics

Prince of Persia Isn’t That Ugly: Article
One Wastland, Different Levels: Article
No Mosters For Ubisoft: Article

Microsoft Brings More to the Table

Cloud Gaming With Ultimate: Article
EA Play Balance Conversion: Article
Tell Me Why It’s Not Release Yet?: Article
Stream Games With Apple? Sure (t&cs apply) Article

The End of the World, its Prequal and a Twitching Mouse

A Gaming Pandemic: Article
A Zelda Prequal?: Article
COD ESports on PC (leave your mouse and keyboard at home): Article
Twitch Rolls Ads: Article

In Lighter News:

Cheaters Island: Article
Twitch Takes To The Skies: Article
A Fun Approch to Cheat Software: Article
EVE Suffers Because a Player Got Sacked: Article
Rayman Goes Into Retirement: Article

Long Reads

20 Years of Hitman and his Voice: Article
People Get Excited About a Graphics Card: Article

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