I play a lot of different games, some of them often, some of them only once. All of them generate opinions though, some from me, some from me, some from my chat, some just spring fully formed out of the void.

Every game you see on this site has been played by me, normally streamed for several days (unless it’s very short), and then I’ve condensed (a bit) my thoughts down into this final conclusion.

For every game or expansion, I’ll provide some details about the developer and publisher, when it was released, and what platform and control scheme I used.

Lastly, there’ll be a game rating. I’ll give a score out of 10 to six categories: Gameplay, Graphics, Music, Replayability, Accessibility & Price. I’ll also provide an overall rating out of 10. This won’t necessarily be an average of the other scores, because I’ll take into account other things when choosing a final score. There will then be a few specific positives and negatives that can’t be covered by a single number, or which stand out for the game.

I hope you enjoy, maybe find a new game to play. Leave a comment on the reviews sharing your thoughts on the games.